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Historical and modern acoustic guitars are extremely varied in their design and construction, far more so than electric guitars. Some of the most important varieties are the classical guitar (nylon-stringed), steel-string acoustic guitar and lap steel guitar. A more complete list is given below, refer to the individual articles for more specific detail.

  • Nylon/gut stringed guitars:
    • Renaissance guitar
    • Baroque guitar
    • Romantic guitar
    • Classical guitar, the modern version of the original guitar, with nylon strings
    • Flamenco guitar
  • Steel stringed guitars:
    • Steel-string acoustic guitar, also known as western, folk or country guitar
    • Twelve string guitar
    • Resonator guitar (such as the Dobro)
    • Archtop guitar
    • Battente guitar
    • Lap steel guitar
    • Lyre guitar
  • Acoustic bass guitar
  • Russian guitar
  • Novelty instruments:
    • Harp guitar
    • Banjo guitar
    • Guitar lute

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