How to Polish an Acoustic Guitar

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When it is time to polish your new acoustic guitar, it helps to know how to proceed. This pictorial how-to will guide you as you buff and polish your precious instrument back to its original shiny state.


  1. Fold the cotton cloth into a size suitable for your polishing hand.
  2. Spray some guitar polish on the polishing surface of the cotton cloth.
  3. Polish the top surface of the guitar.
  4. Buff the bridge pins, saddle & bridge.
  5. Polish the side surface of the guitar.
  6. Polish the bottom surface of the guitar.
  7. Polish the neck of the guitar.
  8. Polish the head stock and tuning heads of the guitar.
  9. Buff the entire guitar, this time using the dry surface of the cotton cloth.


  • Polish in a circular motion, ensuring every spot is covered.
  • Repeat Step 2 as often as it is necessary to maintain a relatively moist polishing surface.
  • To polish under the strings, simply slide your cloth underneath them.
  • For a proper cleaning of the finger board (using lemon oil), remove the strings.
  • To really get the fretboard, you might need to take the strings off.


  • Do not spray the guitar polish directly on the guitar.
  • Do not scrub the guitar.
  • Do not take off all the strings at once, as this changes the tension on the neck and may cause it to warp.

Things You Will Need

  • Cotton cloth
  • Guitar polish

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